Environmentally Safe Plumber

I recycle all copper, brass and cardboard that is removed from jobs.

*Conserve Gasoline
 I carry "a little bit of a lot of parts" to fix what ever you throw at me. I can most likely fix your problem with out haveing to run to the parts store.

*Water Conservation
low flow fixtures and faucets
All of the faucets and toilets I install are water savers. Many toilets are much better now. Yes, the single flush toilet is a reality! See the toilet study for a comparison of different brands and styles.
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*Efficient Water Heaters
An energy efficient/low emission water heater is mandated by the state Building Code.
If you have the space, I will put in a heater with 2 inchs of  built in foam insulation.These have an energy factor of .62. (This is good for a gas tank type water heater.) I install Rheem brand Water Heaters. Let me replace your 30,40 or 50 gallon gas or electric unit now!
At this time I do not install tankless water heaters.

*Drippy Faucet?
Find out how much water your leaky faucet wastes per day, month and year. This is amazing! Go to http://www.awwa.org/Resources/Waterwiser.cfm?navItemNumber=1516 , under ESTIMATE LEAK LOSS: click "Water Wiser Drip Calculator".